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SDA Wealth Strategies

Holistic End-to-End Approach  

Wealth Management

We help you focus on the whole of you and your family. Your financial health is intertwined with your physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. And your financial life is bigger than your investments. SDA offers personalized, objective financial planning and wealth management guidance to help you grow, manage, and preserve wealth. We help you develop a plan of action aligned with your vision, passions, and values.

It is our goal that every client has a vision and a plan. Whether your goals involve home ownership, retirement security, or leaving a lasting legacy, we'll design a custom strategy to guide you there.

Our Process

Subscription Based Financial Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing process and journey rather than a one-time service. Our continuous planning options better ensure your success. We can help even if you do not have assets for us to manage yet. The planning options are tiered based on complexity and subscription—a base level through concierge that includes tax prep, estate planning assistance, and much more.

We help to define vision and goals with a plan and a roadmap. We're always on call and help you to be proactive and less reactive.

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Investment Planning 

Our team aims to provide you with a cutting-edge institutional-level investment experience. We design portfolios catering to your unique needs, aligning with your financial plan. It's better to benchmark to your plan goals, not to market indexes. Investment Management is generally not a stand-alone service and is accompanied by an ongoing financial planning engagement.

Our Process

Tax Prep *

Effective wealth management goes beyond growing your assets and involves tax planning. Our comprehensive approach includes guidance on tax return preparation and tax-efficient strategies that help your wealth thrive while potentially minimizing tax burdens. 

*Tax Preparation and Accounting services offered through SDA Tax Prep, LLC,  are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth. 

Our History

Risk Mitigation

Personal risk management is an integral component of our holistic approach. We integrate and coordinate insurance solutions seamlessly into your comprehensive strategy, providing added financial security for you and your family. Insurance solutions include life, disability, long-term care plus auto and homeowners.

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