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Hudson Valley River New York

Our Story


We are passionate about helping keep health and wealth in harmony.  Clients value and trust us to be the financial conductor of their lives.  We’re built for growth and innovation in the next era of financial advice. 

Timeless albums.  Broadway smashes. The Super Bowl.  They all have a common thread:  an immense amount of preparation, planning and thought. There’s dedicated teams, coaches and conductors that make success possible by taking a wide lens to all the moving parts and maneuvering them to work together.  


SDA Wealth Strategies was born out of a dream, a vision and shared values.  The right team is everything, and at SDA Wealth Strategies, our clients know they come first because we all work together to help them manage their entire financial life. We believe people can live the life they aspire to when they have a vision and realistic goals for themselves and their businesses too.


The impact we make - on our client’s lives, on and in our communities determines our success.  We know it’s important to stand for something and live your values.  Our core values - Client First,  Do the right thing, Long term impact, Transparent, Empathy, and Educate -  are part of our DNA and guide all we do.  


We don’t just look at our clients as simply “clients” – we learn each unique story, build deep meaningful relationships and become reliable partners. We work closely with them to create custom plans and strategies to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations. 


We’re constantly evaluating and growing so our clients continue to have an arsenal of resources at their disposal.  We constantly strive to make sure the client experience is easy, clear, personal and evolving.  We want technology to enhance the experience, not drive it.  


It’s not a coincidence that in addition to our namesake “SDA” standing for Simplify, Design and Advocate, it’s also the first initials of CEO & founder Scott Coopersmith’s first name and the first names of his children Daniel and Alexa. 


Giving Back

We firmly believe it is our responsibility to give back to causes that are important and personal to us. We’re committed fostering a culture that promotes community service & involvement. Ask us why these causes are important to us!

We proudly support:

Alzheimer's Association, Hudson Valley Chapter

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