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Our Story

We're here to help you live a financially empowered life. 

Simplify financial lives.
Design financial strategies.
Advocate to implement them.

Our name is our purpose and mission. SDA stands for what we do best: Simplify, Design, and Advocate. It’s not only a reflection of our expertise but an acronym that combines the first initials of our founder, Scott Coopersmith, and his kids, Daniel and Alexa. This connection is what made it the perfect name for us. 

What Matters Most to Us 

Our Process

You come first.

Putting you first isn’t just a guiding principle; it’s our second nature. 

Our History

Our impact is long-term.

Our success is determined by the positive impact we create in our clients’ lives and communities.  

Our Process

Do the right thing. 

We don’t know any other way. Every decision you make is unique to your life; we ensure our guidance aligns with that. 

Our History

You deserve transparency.

You'll get a complete and clear understanding of your situation and options to confidently make informed decisions. 

Our Process

Compassion works. 

While we haven’t lived everyone’s experience, we can relate. We recognize life’s complexities and care about how they affect you. 

Our History

We’ll learn together. 

Sharing knowledge and personal experiences empowers. This strength is the ultimate reward for taking steps forward. 

Some of the causes we proudly support are:

Ask us why these causes are important to us!

Empowering your team through partnership. 

Our partnership with Commonwealth enhances the value we deliver to your financial journey. It's a perfect synergy where you experience the personalized attention of concierge-style support and the comprehensive resources, expertise, and teamwork of the nation's foremost independent RIA broker/dealer. Our independence ensures we can consistently prioritize your best interests, free from external quotas or incentives. It's all about creating the right team dedicated to your financial success. 

Don't just survive life's transitions.

Get the right team in your corner so you can thrive in them.

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