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Divorce happens. It's hard, but it can also empower you to take control of your life and find happiness on your terms.

What opportunities might it present?*

A Note from Our Founder 

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At SDA Divorce Solutions, we’re intimately familiar with how divorce can unexpectedly reshape your life and finances. Having navigated our own divorces and guided countless individuals through theirs, we bring a unique blend of personal and professional experience to the table. This experience equips us with compassion, creativity, and options that can help turn challenging transitions into empowering opportunities.

We understand that divorce can often feel like joining a club you never intended to be part of. With us, you’ll find more than just advice—you’ll find a compassionate team of advocates here to help lead you to your next chapter, one step at a time. Your future narrative awaits.

Scott Coopersmith, CDFA®, CLU®
Wealth Manager

Meet Our Team

Divorce Solutions 

What are you aiming for? We will ask this question as we help define clear objectives for your divorce and future. We provide a holistic approach to help you navigate a confident post-divorce life.

Our Process

Analysis and Planning

Early financial analysis and planning are critical whether you are considering a life change or negotiating a settlement. We can help accelerate agreements, guide you in cutting legal costs, and negotiate settlements to secure more for all parties and their children.

Our History

Team Effort

We’ll assemble the right team of professionals from our vetted network (including therapists, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.) or partner with your existing one. As your advocate, we’ll collaborate with everyone to achieve better outcomes. 

Our Values

Certifications & Resources

We have a broad local and national network of resources, which includes everyone from career or divorce coaches to mortgage professionals.  We're members of the National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP) to further serve you through this time.


We start with a complimentary call to understand your situation and how we can best help. We offer coaching and strategy consulting or a Concierge Divorce Service based on needed services and level of complexity.

Our packages help clients organize, conduct income & expense analysis, create and review financial affidavits/net worth statements, aid in asset valuation & division, propose equitable division options, run spousal & child support scenarios, consider tax issues & identify strategies, and more!

Divorce planning services offered through SDA Divorce Solutions, LLC are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.

Post-Divorce Transition

Once you reach an agreement, we can help you close this chapter gracefully and efficiently. We will hold a new normal meeting to discuss options and an action plan you need to take going forward.

Our Process

Separating Assets

We can lead you through the process of officially separating assets, discuss and help plan your new independent financial structure.

Our History

Guided Direction

We partner with you, offering personalized advice to help navigate divorce’s financial challenges, empowering you with the resources for a confident post-divorce life. 

Our Values

New Normals

Divorce can bring on many different thoughts, emotions, and mindsets. It's a process that can lead you to a life where you truly feel happy and alive. 


A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA) can explain all financial aspects of pending divorce decisions and help empower their clients to make educated decisions throughout the process. We become part of the divorce team. We will help figure out what financial information needs to be collected. Once obtained, we are skilled at analyzing the information, providing expertise on financial issues, and assessing future implications of any choices made.

The role of the CDFA® is to help both the client and, when necessary, the lawyers understand how the financial decisions made today will impact the client’s financial future based on certain assumptions, according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.

Why use a CDFA®?
Outside the legal system, there are options that help navigate the divorce process to keep costs lower and preserve assets. Lawyers know about the law, but a CFDA® brings financial clarity, creativity, and confidence into the settlement negotiation.

A financial advocate will:

  • Help save money during the divorce process.
  • Help manage expectations of the financial future by presenting different scenarios while examining pre- and post-divorce budget/cash flow.
  • Assist in collecting the necessary data and provide an analysis showing the financial effect of any given settlement, including tax consequences.

Don't just survive life's transitions.

Get the right team in your corner so you can thrive in them.

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