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What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®?

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® can explain all financial aspects of the pending divorce decisions and help empower their clients to make educated decisions throughout the proceedings.  We become part of the divorce team.  We will help ascertain what financial information needs to be collected, and once obtained are skilled at analyzing the information, providing expertise on financial issues and assessing future implications of any choices made.

Why use a CDFA® in a Divorce 
There are options outside of the legal system that help navigate the divorce process to keep cost lower and preserve assets. Lawyers know about the law, but a CFDA® brings financial clarity, creativity, and confidence into the settlement negotiation. 

Here are some reasons why it’s important to use a a CDFA®:

  • Help save money during the divorce process leaving more assets for both later on
  • Help both parties come to a mutually beneficial agreement leading to a greater sense of confidence in decisions and a fuller understanding of how the marital settlement will affect short and long-term financial futures. 
  • Provide both you and your attorney with assistance collecting the necessary data and providing analysis using specialized software that shows the financial effect of any given settlement including tax consequences. 
  • Help manage expectations of the financial future by presenting different scenarios while examining both pre and post divorce budget/cash flow. 
  • Have the ability to serve multiple roles including: 
    • Individual Advocate for those facing divorce difficulties. We join with your attorney to strengthen and maximize your settlement outcome
    • Full Service Mediation as a Third-Party Financial Neutral to assist couples who wish greater control and privacy over their divorce process
    • Collaborative Divorce Professional as the team-mediation approach involving professionals of multiple disciplines