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Scott Coopersmith CLU®, CDFA®

Scott Coopersmith CLU®, CDFA®

Founder, Wealth Manager , Financial Planner

My personal and professional journey has been filled with choices that led me to where I am today.  As a wealth manager, I have deep gratitude and meaning for building personal, understanding relationships with my clients.  I feel a sense of responsibility and connection when they have chosen to partner with me and rely on me for advice, coaching, and guidance through their life changes. 

float: right; margin-left: 20px In 2012, I founded my independent firm, now known as SDA Wealth Strategies.  This independence empowers me to prioritize my client's needs, always striving to provide the best service.  SDA stands for what we do best: Simplify, Design, and Advocate. It’s not only a reflection of our specialization but an acronym that combines the first initials of me and my kids, Daniel and Alexa.

After interning at Smith Barney during college, I knew upon graduating that it wouldn't be the right time to become a financial advisor.  I needed to learn more and be more confident; I needed to figure out how to give someone else advice or find clients.  Most of all, I didn't connect with the sales process then.  There was still a lot of selling and commission, which was different from my personality. 

Seeing Oliver Stone's 1987 classic movie Wall Street in a high school business law class hooked me.  It wasn't the "greed is good" line or the insider trading.  Instead, it made me want to understand financial markets and how someone like me could be a part of them.  I wanted to learn more about its meaning to everyday people.  I saw that money could transform people.

I hold a strong commitment to learning and personal growth.  I am constantly reading to expand my knowledge and learn where to find information for myself and my clients.  It's not about having all the answers but knowing where to seek them.  I am dedicated to furthering my education and obtaining additional designations to ensure I can deliver my clients the highest level of service.

My personal experience with divorce, as a parent with joint custody, has given me a unique perspective on the challenges and emotional struggles that can arise in these circumstances.  I understand the financial complexities and the need for careful planning.  Professionally, I found my niche in divorce financial planning.  I am passionate about it and committed to ensuring others do not make mistakes during their journey.  I take the role of advocate to guide them through this very challenging time and to provide a sense of security about their financial future.

I grew up in a small town in Sullivan County, N.Y.  My dad was entrepreneurial and had multiple small businesses throughout my childhood – mainly home security systems.  My mom worked for the town and played an integral role in my father's businesses as her secondary job.  Being around his businesses, I learned the importance of financial responsibility, top client/customer experience, and attention to detail. These early experiences and the values instilled in me by my parents have shaped my approach to wealth management, where I always strive to provide the best service and ensure my clients' financial well-being. 

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Ithaca College.  I also obtained a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The New School University, which has enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills, which are crucial in my role as a wealth manager and divorce financial planner. 

My most significant role is being a dad.  My kids inspire me daily to be the best person I can be.  One of the reasons I choose to work from home is to have the flexibility to be there for them as much as possible.  However, finding the elusive work/life balance is a never-ending challenge.

I first met and dated my now-wife, Gena, at Ithaca College.  (Check out - 'Entering a New Year with a New Life.‘). Gena and I currently split our time between N.Y. and Richmond, VA, until our kids are all out of high school.  We're excited to see where life will take us. 

When I'm not working, I love spending time with my kids, Gena and our Goldendoodle Rosie (named after the Springsteen song Rosalita).  I enjoy and appreciate many kinds of music.  I'm an avid yet often suffering N.Y. sports fan, specifically the Mets, Giants, and Knicks.  Giving back is essential.  I've been involved in various causes and on boards.  I'm proud to have been a dedicated volunteer and significant fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association after losing my grandfather to the disease in 2000.

Words of Wisdom:

A mantra I try to live by and share with my kids, clients, and others— "One step at a time."  It's easy to get ahead of ourselves, especially in today's distracted world.  It will all fall apart if we don't go through the moment or place we are in. This philosophy has guided me in life, helping me stay focused and grounded.  

* Divorce planning services offered through SDA Divorce Solutions, LLC are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth Financial Network.