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Working Towards FreyDay… 3/4

This week’s Always FreyDay is appropriately titled Business Continuity During Uncertain Times.

These days, there are many factors that contribute to the idea of uncertain times for SMBs – the pandemic, war-like conflicts around the world, dependence on technology that can be vulnerable to cyber attacks are just a few that come to mind. It is nearly impossible to plan for all of the things that could go sideways as a business owner. That said, we have all heard “the show must go on,” which is especially true if you have your own organization. Our special guest this week is someone who you call proactively to make sure your SMB is in the ideal position to keep conducting business, no matter what happens out there. We are joined by Mike Wiebe, Risk Management Advisor with Wiebe Associates, LLC. Mike’s mission is to assist clients’ businesses in as many ways as possible to cope with the “risks of doing business.” Mike and his team help our clients manage their risk, while helping to protect and grow their business. Wiebe Associates, LLC, acts as the business advisor for business owners, professional service firms, Small Cap and Mid Cap CEO’s, Boards of Directors, CFO’s and HR Directors who want to control or reduce cost of Risk Management and Insurance.

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