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SDA Wealth Strategies Glossary 

SDA Wealth Strategies – your full service financial partner. Our website describes us as your Financial Conductor. If you have ANYTHING going on in your life that has even the slightest impact on your current or future finances, give us a call.

American Portfolios (AP) – AP is both our broker/dealer (BD) and our Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).These two entities allow us to manage trading, reporting and safekeeping of your investment assets. will show that each licensed member of the SDA team is affiliated with American Portfolios.

Pershing – owned by Bank of New York Mellon, Pershing is one of the largest clearing and custodial firms in the world .Pershing is responsible for “holding” your assets and making sure the trading on your accounts is done in an efficient and stewardly manner.

Hudson Valley Investment Advisors (HVIA ) – HVIA is a premier investment manager. SDA has engaged HVIA to act as our Outside Chief Investment Office or OCIO. They have leveraged their years of asset management expertise to craft sound investment structures that will allow our clients to benefit.

Google Drive – Google Drive is the file storage and synchronization service we utilize to collaborate with our clients in a highly secure environment in the cloud. SDA will create, share and store documents with you via Google Drive.

Right Capital – Right Capital is our straightforward, client centric financial planning tool. A good financial plan is the cornerstone of a stable financial life and Right Capital allows SDA to work with clients in the most encompassing way possible.This intuitive, secure and easy to use platform is one we love; you will too!

Advice Pay – AdvicePay is the billing platform we use for financial planning fees. It’s the only billing and payment solution designed for financial planners and their unique business needs. It’s designed to maximize data security at every level of our payment processing. AdvicePay engages with the Stripe payment processing platform, a U.S.-based payment processor that manages billions of dollars each year. Stripe has been audited by a Payment Card Industry (PCI)-certified auditor and is certified to PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1.

Insurance carrier/policy/contract – SDA works with many Insurance Carriers. The carrier is the insurance company that will take on what the insured (you) is looking to insure (your life, your car, your home, etc.). The policy is the agreement between the carrier and the insured dictating the terms of the insurance coverage. A contract is very often a term used to designate the agreement between the client and the carrier for an annuity; annuities are actually insurance products and can only be offered by insurance carriers.

General Agency – There are MANY insurance companies and products available in the market. SDA works with General Agencies to help secure the best products and cost structures to fill each client’s specific needs.

All business entities listed are unaffiliated.

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