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SDA Risk Management Specialist to Appear on 3/23 Webinar

Mike Wiebe, SDA Wealth Strategies Risk Management Specialist, will be among three guests on an upcoming webinar on Business Continuity in a Cyber Risk Environment.  The live webinar, which takes place on March 23 from 1p.m.-2p.m., will be hosted by Steven Frey of the Always Freyday radio show and podcast and will focus on concerns over cybersecurity and potential for cyberattacks.  Whether it be data breaches or cyber-attacks, having strong cybersecurity can be the difference for your business.

Wiebe, founder of the risk management and insurance consulting Wiebe Associates, LLC, will specifically cover mitigation, business continuity planning and recovery on the webinar.  He has expertise in assisting clients to manage their risks while helping to protect and grow their businesses. As founder of his own risk management and insurance firm, Wiebe oversees a broad spectrum of business from small to large, private to public, manufacturing, professional services, non-profit firms, and international clients.

Wiebe recently appeared on the Always Freyday podcast to discuss how SMBs can manage the risks of doing business in today’s uncertain times. The pandemic, war-like conflicts around the world, and dependence on technology all drive increased vulnerability to cyber-attacks. As a result, it’s essential to stay proactive in order to keep businesses going no matter what happens.

“Every business has a cyber security exposure, [even] the one-man shop has a cyber security exposure, so planning for that interruption helps business be prepared for any crisis,” he said during his appearance.

Wiebe got his 1st experience in Risk Management from fire department first responders helping prepare local businesses for a crisis. He borrowed their practical common sense approach through his almost 5 decades of a multiplicity of experiences helping his clients prepare for a variety of exposures. He described the process for young optimistic entrepreneurs who find it difficult to think about what can go wrong. He also explained the benefits of table top drills. This included for one client though not anticipating a pandemic never the less helped a client pivot, modify the business model, thrive and ultimately survive that challenge.

Other guests on the webinar will be Bob Caldiero, VP Strategic Sales, SailPoint, who will discuss cyber security technology options for your business, and Eric Goldstein, founding member of G5 Insurance Agency. Goldstein will tackle cyber policies and its applicability to your business.

Many topics will be covered, but most importantly will be the action steps you can take to navigate through the madness. The guests will take questions after the presentation. Don’t miss it. Your safety may depend on it.

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