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Curt Schultzberg joins the SDA team!

Curt Schultzberg has experience in finance, business, sales, mergers/acquisitions, strategy, planning, operations & relationship management. Curt’s diverse background transverses several roads – which will serve him well as Managing Director of Institutional Services at SDA Wealth Strategies. Schultzberg joined the SDA team in January 2021, but his relationship with SDA founder Scott Coopersmith goes back to 2014 when the two met while Scott was a client of Curt’s in a previous role. Curt recalls how the two clicked right away and developed a strong friendship finally uniting them as colleagues in what both describe as a natural fit.

You are Managing Director of Institutional Services at SDA Wealth Strategies. How would you describe your role?

Curt Schultzberg: I joined SDA Wealth Strategies for a myriad of reasons. Scott and I have visited a potential coalition for quite a few years. There was a series of events in January 2021 that brought it to fruition. My intent, first and foremost, is to help strengthen an already robust wealth management practice. That supersedes my official title. In many regards, I am a wealth management advisor with a broad and deep skill set, that allows for valuable input towards our client’s concerns and situations. Our recent partnership with a regional bank and their advisory firm subsidiary has created an avenue for our significant, and anticipated, growth. Developing and implementing a comprehensive plan for effectively working with our new partner’s clients and prospects will take up a large portion of my time, but ultimately, the goal will be to provide a world class experience for anyone who is introduced to us.  My role is to make SDA Wealth Strategies the wealth advisor of choice for our growing demographic.

Given your extensive experience on the Wealth Management side, what are some of the most difficult challenges your clients face?

Curt Schultzberg: I think both clients and potential clients suffer from the same challenge, and of course we at SDA strive to change that.  Simply put, not knowing what they don’t know. The financial landscape changes almost daily. There are so many things that clients and prospective clients could and should address. Many just don’t know where to begin. We provide an opportunity for anyone to accept and more importantly, alter and improve upon that.

How do you navigate around those obstacles and help them achieve success?

Curt Schultzberg: We highly recommend that each and every client go through a financial planning process. This takes a snapshot of where they are and helps to determine where they want to be. It is a map. If you are lost in the woods, you might, if you’re lucky, find your way out or you may never get out. On the positive side, it might take you a very long time, but if I were to hand you a map, not only would you find your way out, but you would also do it much more quickly. Please, just take the map.

Why do you wear several different hats at the office and how will that skill set benefit the firm’s clients?

Curt Schultzberg: My background is diverse. I have been on the business side, having been involved in Strategy/planning and administration. I have been in sales, sales management, and relationship management. I also spent a few years doing Mergers & Acquisitions work. Additionally, I have been on both the institutional side and the individual retail side. My affiliation with SDA brings a culmination of skills to our clientele. There are very few situations that a client or prospect could bring to us that I haven’t been exposed to. I may not know every answer, but given my background, I know where to find the answer and circle the resource wagons.

SDA Wealth Strategies recently celebrated a partnership with Hudson Valley Investment Advisors. How will this alliance give clients an advantage they can’t get anywhere else?

Curt Schultzberg: Our goal, by designing this partnership the way we did, was to, concierge type of service to our own clients, as well as those of our partner’s. By building a platform where clients can obtain advice, service, and beneficial outcomes on virtually any situation or circumstance regarding their finances, personal or business related, is something that isn’t readily available to the majority. Our alliance can address issues ranging from obtaining a small business loan to credit card processing or saving for a child’s education to hitting one’s retirement goals, maybe all for the same client.

What message do you convey to your clients, so they know they are protected when they are working with you?

Curt Schultzberg: Protect is an interesting term. There is no way to inoculate an investor against negative market performance, other than not participating in the market at all. And then the potential loss is “opportunity loss.” What we tell clients is that we will work with them, hand in hand, to help them achieve their financial goals, dreams, and aspirations, while mitigating risk along the way. That means taking a holistic view of each client’s situation, in as complete a way as possible, and address their specific needs. There’s no one size fits all, and if we do that correctly, we will help to protect them. In addition to your talents in the business world, you also have several different hobbies you enjoy partaking in.

Curt Schultzberg: This could go in so many directions. I absolutely love all genres of live music, so I strive to get in front of a band or performer as often as possible. I am also an outdoor person, whether that is hiking, biking (road and mountain), paddling (kayak, SUP, canoe), motorcycling, trail running or all-season camping…so on many days regardless of weather, you’ll find me doing something out in nature.

Curt can be reached at

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