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Divorce Solutions

SDA Divorce Solutions is an empathetic partner through the divorce process. We will provide the financial guidance necessary to give our clients peace of mind as their new life begins.  SDA primarily works with men, but also helps women and divorcing couples.  

Separation and divorce can be draining. Dissolving a marriage is many things- stressful, emotional and overwhelming to name just some.  A team concentrating on all your needs is often needed and should all work together.  Our team is here to be by your side and make the process a little easier.  We use our vetted network (divorce coaches, therapists, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.)  to go beyond the financial impact of divorce, providing guidance in as many ways as we can throughout the process and after.

Remember every divorce is unique!  Financial planning early in the process is critical whether you are just  contemplating this life change or are in the midst of negotiating a settlement.  It will help reach an agreement faster; lowering legal costs and leaving more for both parties after.  The emotional benefit is priceless.  Understanding the financial implications of divorce will ease the uncertainties that arise.   

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Scott helps to bring financial clarity, creativity, and confidence into the conversation as you begin to work through your divorce negotiations.  He will work with you, your attorneys or mediators, and will help you make smart financial decisions with ease so you can come through with your needs secured. Divorced himself, he has a passion for helping others dealing with divorce find stability and a path forward.

We assist with:  

  • Asset evaluation- Figuring out what is owned and what it’s worth (building a net worth statement)
  • Cash flow analysis- Income and expense analysis
  • Compiling a financial affidavit- Includes ensuring there are no hidden assets, overstatement of expenses, statements are current, and valuations of pensions and other assets are correct
  • Dissolution of current assets and planning for the future- Make recommendations in areas such as disposition of physical assets, alimony and support needs, projections of future income levels and budgets, as well as debt settlement. Understanding how cost basis and the division of taxable and nontaxable assets will effect the final settlement. 
  • Prepare and/or review settlement offers
  • Protected interests- Develop the proper structure for sufficient protection of child support or spousal maintenance, generally through life insurance
  • Post-Divorce Transition Support


Our process is transparent, focused and personal.  We start with a no-cost initial 30 minute meeting to discuss your situation. If we both decide that this would be a good fit, we offer flat-fee pricing packages based on the complexity of your finances and your needs.  In preparation, we ask that you gather all of your divorce-related documents and as much financial information as you have (see our checklists).

Please send an email to if you'd like more information on our packages that start at $1,500.  

** Once the divorce planning engagement is completed, a client may retain our services for their post divorce financial planning/investment needs.

Divorce Initial Meeting Questionnaire 


Divorce Documents Checklist


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