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investment management

Investment Management

We seek to deliver a cutting-edge institutional level investment experience to our clients. Portfolios are tailored to each investor’s needs, but built around their financial plan.

Hudson Valley Investment Advisors (HVIA) serves as our Office of the Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) and greatly enhances our investment management program. The partnership provides us with unique, proprietary, institutional quality insights to inform our clients’ portfolios. It helps guide our decision-making by giving us access to experienced ‘in-house’ investment staff and a front row seat into investment and risk management frameworks.

Investment Philosophy

We believe educating investors and keeping the focus on long term goals while keeping short term market volatility in perspective is critical to growing wealth.

We believe marrying portfolio construction needs of individuals with institutional investment experience and capabilities leads to a better client investment experience.

We believe a combination of active management with passive investments creates a better risk- reward profile for portfolios.

We believe in the value of alternative types of investments to confront challenges to traditional asset allocation.

We believe institutionalized, customized, and experienced insight from our OCIO helps us increase client’s investment success.

We believe it’s better to benchmark to meeting or exceeding plan goals not beating market indexes.

Investment Management Process


  • Determine objectives & constraints

  • Based on the plan, needs, investing values & risk tolerance


  • Create Investment Policy & Establish an Asset Allocation

  • Allocating across different asset classes


  • Portfolio Strategy Selection

  • OCIO Inputs Contemplated Here

  • Active/passive, individual securities , ETF’s, mutual funds & ESG screens


  • Implement Portfolio

  • Utilize OCIO models


  • Monitor & Review Performance

  • Rebalance regularly and reassess step 1

Investment Management Fees Include:

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