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Investment Management Philosophy, Process & Fees

Investment Philosophy & Process

We manage portfolios with our clients’ best interest first.  They are set up to fund their short and long term goals.  Performance comes first, but we strive to make sure they are as tax efficient as possible with out hurting the overall return.  We even prefer to bench mark against client goals, as opposed to market indexes.   We make sure to match risk tolerance, diversify across asset classes (asset classes may include equities, fixed income, cash, commodities, real estate, etc.) and rebalance back to optimal asset allocation regularly while minimizing downside risk. They are overseen by multiple levels of professionals, including the advisor.  When necessary we partner with professional money management by independent expert money managers who have access to information, research and investment processes not readily available to individuals.  We continually monitor to ensure that the performance and strategy is still the most appropriate option and maintain the flexibility to change anytime. 


Determine risk tolerance, goals and objective


Determine appropriate asset allocation


Choose investments 

(individual stocks, bonds or etfs and mutual funds based on tax sensitivity and size of portfolio)


Monitor and Review

Investment Management Fees

The advisory fee covers:

  • Development of a personal investment policy including strategic asset allocation 
  • Ongoing investment advice & portfolio management
  • 2 to 4 person/phone/video conference meetings per year (based on client preference, 
  • Insights on current market and economy
  • Regular rebalancing, 
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Trades & transactions

Households with assets over $500,000 fees include financial planning.