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Divorce Solutions Process

Our process to guide you through your divorce is straightforward, but varies depending on which package you choose with us.  The below process is assuming a full comprehensive analysis.   

  1. Consultation - We begin with a 30 minute no cost consultation with Scott, our CDFA, to understand your situation.  You’ll specifically discuss where you are in the divorce process, your questions and goals for the outcomes of the divorce.  We will then discuss our service offerings to help choose the right fit for you.
  2. Information Gathering and Organization - Complete all the forms required for us to work together.  We will then provide checklists and templates for all information that needs to be gathered as well as a secure online storage folder to share with us.
  3. Comprehensive Analysis - We will complete a detailed analysis of all financial documents and prepare reports including Financial Affidavits, Net Worth Statement and Income/Expense Analysis.  We will then review existing settlement offers or prepare one or more to empower you to make well informed decisions and fully understand the impact of those decisions.
  4. Review - Personal meeting(s) to review all of the compiled information with you, discuss alternative settlement options and outcomes.  We will answer questions and make any requested adjustments for you throughout the process.  We can also facilitate negotiation meetings with you and your spouse.  
  5. Support - We remain available to support you throughout the duration of the case until a settlement is reached and the divorce is finalized.
  6. Post Divorce Transition Support - We will assist you after your divorce is finalized with account transfers and consolidation, property settlement transfers and more.