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Why Should You Get A Divorce Coach?

Why Should You Get A Divorce Coach?

July 22, 2022

The decision to get a divorce or not is difficult to say the least. And once that choice is made, it doesn’t get easier for any party — especially if there are children involved and/or one spouse is not onboard. There are so many factors of this painful, sometimes messy, experience. Hiring a divorce coach can help ease the stress at every step of the way.

Susan Bernstein, who has a doctorate in education and is a certified divorce coach, said hiring a divorce coach is essential. “I always say when someone thinks about divorce or even if they have relationship issues they want to fix, a call to the divorce coach should be your first call,” she said. “A good coach will help the individual gain clarity and figure out a plan to get unstuck.”

Bernstein said a divorce coach at the bare minimum can help both parties or a spouse who is perhaps on the fence about getting a divorce gain clarity about their situation. They can also help an individual “communicate effectively.” She said many coaches are there for pre, during and post divorce. Elaborating on this all, she said, “[coaches] help the individual deal with the overwhelming and come up with an individual strategy action plan since each divorce and couple/family is different.”

A coach can help an individual or couple decide if they want to pursue a divorce and prepare themselves/themself for what’s in store on the financial end and beyond. “We help them sleep better at night saving them time, money and headaches and making sure they not only survive, but thrive,” Bernstein said.

There are several types of divorce coaches certified divorce coaches (CDC), high conflict divorce coaches (HCDC), pre-mediation divorce coach (PMDC) and a certified divorce specialist (CDS). There are also certified post divorce transition and recovery coaches.

Bernstein’s best piece of advice? “Surround yourself with a good team —a certified divorce coach, an attorney and a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA)—to ensure that all will be OK as well as knowing that there are good people out there. Don’t let your soon to be ex ruin your hope of finding true happiness!