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Why I Became a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

Why I Became a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

March 03, 2020

No one marries expecting to divorce, yet nationally nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.  Divorce is often a traumatic time for all involved, but with the right planning it can be a little less painful.   I’m proud to say I recently completed the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® designation. This designation is issued by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.  The IDFA is the premier national organization dedicated to the certification, education and promotion of the use of financial professionals in the divorce arena. I took the exams to further learn how to objectively help with financial issues that have life long effects.  

Divorce is overwhelming and a tough process to navigate.  The ramifications can be felt for years following. The core of every divorce involves a financial settlement.  The stress of one’s financial future makes it even harder.  Working with a CDFA® from the start should help get to a resolution quicker and hopefully keep the case from court.  I can help get the best financial settlement for each party in a cost efficient manner. Preserving the family’s finances as much as possible is imperative.  Why waste money on legal fees when those funds can go towards the future. 

I was motivated to earn my CDFA® so I could better work with my clients who are already divorced, be better prepared to help others who have finalized their divorce, but especially work with those that are currently in the process of getting divorced through IWS Divorce Solutions.  After seeing and hearing many times from friends and acquaintances how challenging it was to understand the finances I was encouraged by many to do this.  I want to use my professional and life experience to help others during this very emotional and challenging time.

My goal is to become the financial “go to” person in all divorce related matters.  I see it equally important to help both men and woman. Men often need just as much help, but can be overlooked.  I want to minimize the impact as much as possible by taking a neutral objective position in the process and be a resource to individuals divorcing, but also attorneys and mediators.