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Relationships are Everything — It Sounds Hokey, But It’s True…

December 16, 2021

Relationships are imperative to our very existence and well-being.  Whether it’s romantic, business, or friendship, it’s essential. For me, it’s everything. The SDA in SDA Wealth Strategies is an anagram of my first name, and my kids Daniel and Alexa.  Forging deep, meaningful relationships go beyond my family for me.  It’s the foundation of this business.  I created it on the principle of building long-lasting ones with each of my/our clients. We don’t simply want to be a business our clients work with.  We want to be a part of their inner circle – who they regularly turn to. We are helping make all important life decisions, we can’t simply be passerby’s in life or a quick phone call. We’re building commitment, not just a causal relationship so to speak.  

Our motto is to “think of us as the financial conductor of life’s symphony.”  It sounds hokey, but in any relationship, you hope to make music together and hit on all the right notes.  You must be in-sync.  We’re a one-stop team with Wealth Management and Small Business Solutions and to truly be that for our clients – they must trust us.  We make it easy to make real, complex decisions. It’s not a sales pitch for us or jargon we throw on our website or a proverbial pamphlet.  Some of this stuff can really be overwhelming for some, but like a good friend, we’re here to talk you through it all.

When I began to further build the SDA team I knew where to turn.  Many of our team members and strategic partners I have strong experience with — some of which dating back 25-to-30 years.  I selected people who just get it. I knew I needed the security, so I turned to those I had a trusted relationship with.  But, most of all shared my vision and client-facing philosophy. It’s all happened organically and with a little bit of great timing.  These are people who are aligned and committed to the client experiences we’re continuing to create.

Relationships, though, as we know, are two sided.  People evolve and change.  It doesn’t mean you’re going to work with each other forever.  It’s Ok to part ways if what you want changes.  Take as much away from a relationship as you can.  If Beniffer has taught us anything, you never know when a past relationship can be ignited.  There are never any bridges burned here.