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Entering a New Year with a New Life

Entering a New Year with a New Life

January 10, 2024

2023 brought many changes both personally and professionally!  I’ll have the rest of 2024 to focus on the latter, so let me take the time to tell you about the personal. Gena and I were married on Thanksgiving Eve (11/22/23). There’s more to this story obviously. This is all about second chances – two that resulted in new lives, extended families, and marriage.

As a recap, Gena and I first became friends and had a relationship in college in the mid-90s. We ultimately went our separate ways, and lived our lives in different states. We both got married, and had children with our spouses. A random Facebook message in March 2019 reconnected us. We shared our respective experiences going through divorce, and reignited our friendship. We finally began seeing each other a year later in March 2020. Our relationship only got stronger during the pandemic — a rare positive from such an unfortunate time.  


Fast forward to November 2023, of what I can now refer to as “last year.” I can say proudly, in front of a small gathering of immediate family, we wed some 27 years after we met. Mohonk Mountain House was the perfect place for our wedding. We had visited there in January 2023 and knew this was it.  It was an amazing couple of days with a mix of weather we never expected, starting with snow the afternoon we got there and ending with a bright sunny day on Thanksgiving. We were fortunate to have a phenomenal photographer, Leila Sutton, who we first met when she became a client going through her own divorce, who captured these memories. (Please check her work out at and hire her for any needs you may have!)

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Our “Life 2.0” is a change for everyone involved. It has been an adjustment for Gena and I as well as the children and our families. Blending families brings challenges (especially when the childrens’ main lives are 300-plus miles away) and exciting possibilities, too. We’re now a family of six with children currently ranging from 11 to 16. My kids did already gain step sisters and cousins when their mom remarried and now their circle expanded a bit more with more step cousins, too.

We continue to split our time between New City, NY and Richmond, VA. It requires thoughtful planning and careful consideration of the costs of travel plus kids schedules. But, we make it work.

Love is an active choice and we made this decision accepting the challenges and knowing many months during our childrens’ school year we won’t see each other as much as we’d like to. We are excited for a long future together and to see all the exciting things to come. We will be in one house before we know it. For now, we’re trying to enjoy the years we have with our kids still at home.

It has been overwhelming and heartwarming for us both to see and feel the incredible response from friends, acquaintances, clients, and other professional relationships to our story and getting remarried. We waited a while to share it widely, but the response made it even more worth it.

With my specific experience— living it and living through it, I bring my personal and professional experiences to all I do when I work with my clients. I’m able to convey to all those going through divorce not only my personal side of divorce but also a blended family. Gena and I lived a lifetime in-between that time with other spouses. When we first got together again it seemed surreal. It didn’t seem possible. We never expected to end up remarried — never mind to each other. Life is certainly unpredictable.