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A New Normal

April 10, 2020

We saw it in reports and movies, but mostly ignored it. “It can’t happen to us.”  Even when it started in China- how much did we really believe it would come here.  There will be a time when the pandemic is over, but the lasting effects will be felt for years or decades.  Thankfully, my family is healthy so far.  But, many are sick and worse yet- dying alone.  I’m of course worried about my own health, my loved ones, my savings/income and of course my clients savings as well.  This is surreal, unprecedented, overwhelming to say the least filled with many sudden unexpected changes.  

It feels like a scene out of a movie when going to restaurants for take out or a grocery store- waiting in lines spaced apart to get in, wearing masks, and even not letting kids in.  Grocery shopping has gotten harder.  I waited 10 days to get a delivery slot then on delivery day 1/3 of my order wasn’t in stock.  I, like most, am fighting to keep a sense of normalcy for me and my kids, but it’s getting increasingly challenging.  

This pandemic has certainly put life in perspective.  The compassion I’m feeling/seeing from people of all backgrounds is encouraging.  I’m comforted knowing we’re in this together; navigating working from home, home schooling (either in 1 or 2 homes if you’re co-parenting), confined to one space with a significant other or kids, trying not to over eat or drink and more. We can’t forget some have it much better than others.

We all must take care of ourselves both mentally and physically.  It’s important to create your team and ensure you’re not alone.  I’m taking walks, reading, listening to music and starting new shows.  I miss everything I took for granted.  I miss watching my N.Y. Mets.  I was supposed to be at Opening Day with my son.  I’m trying hard to live in the moment and not think about all that’s missed. The more we accept our new reality, the easier this will be.  It will never truly be over.  Normal won’t be the same normal and will take time. 

Our lives are forever changed.  Be grateful and thankful.  Search for the silver linings and latch on. It’s an incredible time to reconnect with your loved ones- family, friends or whoever it may be. We can control more than we probably think day-to-day- how we react, social distancing, and just being positive.  We’re resilient.  Forgive yourself if you’re not as productive as you’d like.  We will be stronger and better prepared- as people, a nation and a world, but it’s going to take time. 

This disruption has forced an incredible opportunity to look at our own lives.  How we can we adapt, change and grow from this.  We have a chance to be bold and pivot as a person, as a business owner, or an employee.  Will it be in your personal life, in business, seeking a new career, being more philanthropic or something else?  

Thank you to the real heroes- not the athletes or other glorified celebrities, but the health care professionals and other service workers we’re all relying on. 

“At the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe.”  Bruce Springsteen, Reason To Believe